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"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Inner Haven Guides & Instructors

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Christine Moses

Shamanic Practitioner
Reiki Master
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Sound Healer

Christine Moses provides counseling and guidance for personal and spiritual growth utilizing many healing traditions and practices. Chris is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Ceremonialist, Sound Healer and author. She leads women’s circles and retreats, and also trains other women to lead sacred circles through her inspiring book The Wisdom of Circles: Gathering Women for Conscious Community.




Jennie Oster

Psychic Medium Metaphysical Teacher

Jennie is a psychic medium who is able to connect with Loved Ones, Guides, and Teachers. She does private and group readings individually and collaborates under The Mystic Sisters. She also teaches how to learn to listen within and develop your own intuitive skills.



Lisa Seyring

Energy Healer
Intuitive Guide & Poet
Ambassador of the Heart

Lisa Seyring is passionate about giving voice to the wonderful wisdom of the Heart. Lisa’s lens as an intuitive poet brings insight to the guidance of Love by creating healing medicine with words. It is her joy
and honor to facilitate shifts in perception so that individuals can experience a freedom and joy within their being.




Angel Lynn

Certified Esthetician
Vibrational Sound Therapy
Sound Healer
Certified Nail Technician


My name is Angel. I have been in the beauty industry for most of 32 years as a nail technician and 7
years ago I became a certified esthetician. In 2020 I received a certification for sound healing. I wanted
to combine all my modalities together to create a very unique experience.



Karen Cowperthwaite

Spiritual Life Coach
Intuitive Guide
Angel Medium

Karen Cowperthwaite, also known as “Souly Sister,” is an intuitive guide, spiritual life coach, angel messenger and medium. She supports those seeking inner peace and facilitates vibrational energy shifts so individuals can step forward into their life purpose and ignite their intuition. Through intuitive life coaching and energetic healing, Karen is a teacher and soul guide who is here to inspire and provide a soulful toolbox that individuals can use to move forward —strong and confident in all areas of their lives.




Roy Colver

Reiki Master Teacher
Yoga Instructor
Wellness & Nutrition Coach

Roy Colver has realized the benefits of yoga for over 15-years and became a certified yoga instructor (Korean based) in 2018. Plus, a Reiki Master Teacher in 2021, along with wellness & nutrition coaching for decades. Roy is a Marine – Desert Shield/Storm veteran, retired Business Risk Analyst, and fitness enthusiast. He was introduced to spirituality, outside the church, by his dad and stepmother in the 1980’s ebbing and flowing with the times, peeling back layers of self along the journey. It is a practice, and the “work” continues today. Balance remains important masculine/feminine, work/life, mental/physical, etc. with a focus on restoring the divine masculine for you.



Joe Hladnik

Software Engineer
Website Development

Patience, courage, creativity, logical and methodical thinking have always been strong characteristics of mine. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed solving problems, fixing things, and figuring out creative ways to make things more efficient. After filtering through different career paths, I finally found my passion in development.


Phone:224 804 8143

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Astaria Sage

Holistic Practitioner
Reiki Master
Spiritual Life Coach
Vibrational Sound Meditations
Psychic Tarot

Astaria is a holistic practitioner that does psychic tarot readings, reiki, spiritual life coaching, & vibrational sound meditations. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. Not only will you learn how to read tarot cards in this class, she will help you awaken to your intuition and activate your own psychic senses


Natalie Reads

Librarian Extraordinaire
Intuitive Tarot

Natalie is a librarian extraordinaire, reader of books, tarot cards, & signs from spirit. As an empath, tarot is a way to tune into my spirit guides and tune out the external. Join me as we explore this ancient medium and discover your own psychic intuition along the way.

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Rosanne Tuttle Gross

Reiki Master Teacher
Bach Flower Essence Practitioner Certified Nutritionist

Rosanne Tuttle Gross is a lifelong student of spirituality, she believes we all have innate knowledge and connection to the divine.  We just need to simply remember and awaken to our light.


Phone: 847-691-2726

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