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Inner Haven Approach

“The Guru is the one who is all; Guru is the one who is merciful. You are the Guru within yourself.”

“I am not a guru. I do not hold the distinction of ‘guru’ and ‘disciple.’” The Self is the Guru…the immortal, imperishable Guru.”

-Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahashaya

In search of the Inner Guru

Empowerment with a capital E!

"Within each of us resides a holy space, a haven to our divine nature and the throne of the Inner Guru.

We are here to experience life, to embrace the valleys and the peaks, the good and the bad, yet to do so without judgment, without categorizing each experience into one side or the other.  Instead, we experience the wholeness of self when we see the entire game of life as a beautiful experience, and a means to REMEMBER who we truly are.  We are Love, and we are so very loved.  – The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.  We are the Alpha and the Omega.


As we embrace the dichotomy of self, loving all aspects, we can look upon our world and see that we are truly ONE."


-The Universal Gravity Code - Virginia Adams

Heart-Shaped Rock Island
Image by Tim Mossholder
Image by Alexander Grey
"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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