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Light Language Infusion

The Language of Light is a heart-based, conceptual form of communication from God/Source.

  • 30 min
  • 75 US dollars
  • Inner Haven Art Gallery - Spiritual and Creative Development Center

Service Description

What is Light Language The Language of Light is a heart-based, conceptual form of communication from God/Source. Another way to think of it is Language from God that the heart and Spirit understand innately, even though the mind does not. Light Language bypasses the logic centers of the brain that we’re accustomed to using and speaking directly to your being and the body at the subatomic/DNA level. This means that it can effect profound change in your life experience forward and backward, releasing ancestral patterning. Within our essence, we are always connected to God/Source. We become aware of this connection when we pray/meditate or take loving actions. This essence is the part of us that understands the Language of Light. Light Language often refers to vocalized forms, but it also takes other forms, such as writing, movement, and gestures. Beyond the veil, the Language of Light is perceivable throughout our world in sounds, colors, movements, vibrations, and shapes while simultaneously transcending the earth plane. Interacting with the light allows us to transcend the boundaries of our earthly forms. It differs markedly from our known regular Language in that it does not take (or have) a word-for-word or object-for-object format that can be logically analyzed. Light Language is not assembled or processed with the mind in this way. The Language of Light is accessed with an open heart and flows via the frequency of love under the guidance of the Higher Self. It is a form of channeling in which you’re allowing Spirit to speak to and through you. Why I use Light Language I chose to make Light Language part of my life and healing practice because of its transformational nature. This Language entered my life when I was a young woman, but the fear of the unknown had me shut it down until one day while facilitating a distance. Reconnective Healing the Language flowed in as another expression of energy, light, and information. As experienced in Reconnective Healing, I did nothing to call in the Language of Light. From that moment, I became fascinated with the sounds, and my Spirit felt alive with energy and enthusiasm for the experience it offered. Allowing God/Source to be my teacher and support me with the guidance of my Higher Self, I learned how to work with it.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that we require a notice of cancellation 24 hours before your appointment date and time, with a strict no-refund policy, except in the case of emergencies. We will diligently work with you to accommodate any urgent situations.

Contact Details

  • 34121 U.S. Hwy 45 suite 8, Grayslake, IL, USA

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